We recently found out that BlackBerry will be closing their Fredericton office in the fall. BlackBerry came to Fredericton by acquiring Chalk Media in 2008 for $23.1 million. This is a sad day for us personally at Startup Kitchen since we were both present during the Chalk acquisition which brought BlackBerry to Fredericton. It was an exciting time and we learnt a lot by being part of this global company. 

Not everyone who was once there still works at BlackBerry, in a lot of cases these people have gone off to work in startups in town such as Introhive, UserEvents (now LiveOps) & OneLobby (now Cvent). This only goes to show the talent which existed in that office. At the same time, Fredericton could not be a better market for technical work at the moment. We decided to make a short list of companies that could be potential places of work for these talented people.
We most likely have missed a lot of great companies, so if you have any more, please comment on this article and we will add it to the list. There is also the large group of startups from Launch36 & Planet Hatch that would potentially be places to work at. At the end of the day, if you are truly looking for something different, it might be time to start something off on your own and there is a lot of support here in the region if you would like to do that. 


Good Luck 

Rob & Suhaim