We have been covering the startup scene in Atlantic Canada for the last 3+ years using video interviews. Since 2011, we have done more than 60 interviews with startups such as Smart Skin, Clarity.fm, Enovex, Introhive, UserEvents and so much more. Our 3rd season with Aliant has started and can be viewed here. With every season, we try to get better by producing better content. This year is no exception and without a doubt, we think it will be our best. 

This season, we get the privilege of covering the latest cohort of Propel 2.0. Propel 2.0 is extremely ambitious and has some amazing companies in it's latest cohort. With the help of our ace videographer, Devon Murrins, we will be covering Propel 2.0 in a 3 episode mini series, where we will follow a few startups from selection camp to demo day. This is something we at Startup Kitchen feel would be some of our best content.

We have also rebranded our show to #startupeast. We would love to get feedback from you, feel free to contact us over twitter or email.