Think of how you share a link. Today, if you see a funny video or a thought provoking article and want to share it with your friends, you have to open up your email client or your twitter client or numerous
other social networking applications, just to share a simple link. All of these methods have multiple steps just to share a link. Frank Lessard's product, Tabture solves this problem: his product helps you
share links with ease by being able to push links out to your contacts.

In this interview, Frank talks about how he came up with the idea, became an entrepreneur, being part of the launch 36 cohort and also about many of the other startup groups, courses and events he was part of. If you would like to try out an early version of Tabture, you can find it on the Chrome Web Store.

P.S - This high quality video has been shot and edited by Andrew Kelly ( and Rodney Mann (