It is not often that there is nationwide press coverage for a startup. But, this startup's CEO Jordan Smith has earned it. In this interview he talks about how he came up with the idea for the company and how this new team has come together.

This newly formed team consists of Jordan (CEO), Brian Dunphy (CTO) and Todd Murphy (COO). Brian Dunphy, a talented developer was a co-founder of the hugely successful Radian6 and is well known in the community. Todd Murphy was the CEO and founder of a well known company called Medrunner which is doing quite well. They tell us why they joined this team in this interview.

Jordan also has some interesting stories about the struggles he went through trying to make a prototype. One particularly harrowing story is one where he outsourced the creation of a prototype which turned out disastrously as he had his code held ransom. But Jordan shook it off and trekked on with OneLobby. Currently OneLobby has secured East Valley Ventures as a lead investor & is now raising a million dollars of funding. 

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Interested in working for this startup? If yes, they are hiring developers!

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