This week we have Jonathan of Whaddayapp and Whaddayaknow which is our first interview from Newfoundland. Whaddayapp has had great nationwide coverage via CBC, TechVibes, Global National, The Toronto Star and so much more. In this interview Jonathan tells us how we was able to get this coverage for their app. Both Whaddayapp and Whaddayaknow are apps that showcase Newfoundland cutlure in a fun way. Whaddayapp has over 30,000 downloads, Whaddayaknow is their new app that launched just recently, it is similar to the other app and it narrates Newfoundland facts and stories in a Newfoundland accent. I think it is a great app that showcases Newfoundland culture, would be perfect if you are visiting Newfoundland.

St. John's has a thriving startup scene with many interesting companies, Jonathan talks about the awesome Genesis Centre they have at Memorial University. If you haven't tried it already, check out both Whaddayapp and Whaddayaknow