This week we have Keith from PQA. PQA is a well established company that started in 1997. His start as an entrepreneur was one of opportunity as he was able to secure a contract for 7 testers. Luckily he was able to convince friends to work on this contract and thus PQA was born.

Testing as Keith says doesn't often get a lot of glory compared to other parts of the software development cycle and he intends to make PQA a home for the 'thinking tester'. Testers who are trying to break the stereotype and try new ideas. PQA is trying to make itself the home to these people. It is still a niche part of creating software.

PQA started as a test automation company and was able to capitalize on various market trends when it came to software such Y2K etc. Keith talks about a time when he was almost ready to shut the doors when he got a contract from Apple for testing. 

He also talks about the challenges of the industry and having to compete for talent which has been in the news recently. This is a company that now employs over a 100 people, definitely a story of perseverance.