This week we have Andy Buyting ( who pivoted from running a family business to coming up with a recruitment process called the Hiring Right process. He talks about some of his methods he uses to hire quality individuals for difficult positions. One story he mentions is about using a Shackleton type of ad to recruit for a call centre. The Shackleton ad refers to the story of Ernest Shackleton who was trying to get a crew together to traverse the Arctic and posted an ad saying the following - "MEN WANTED FOR HAZARDOUS JOURNEY. SMALL WAGES, BITTER COLD, LONG MONTHS OF COMPLETE DARKNESS,CONSTANT DANGER, SAFE RETURN DOUBTFUL. HONOR AND RECOGNITION IN CASE OF SUCCESS."The entire crew survived this voyage and one of the reasons for this is because Shackleton was able to hire the right people. As you can see, Andy's system uses outside the box thinking to hire effectively. He talks about an intriguing story about hiring for a local call centre and about how and why it was successful. 


 Andy is also a Gazelle's international business coach and has brought the Gazelle's program to the Maritimes. You can read about the program on his website. This is the only program of it's sort in the Maritimes. Andy has some great advice for anyone thinking of starting up a business. Also, Andy has a book that he published about the retail business called 'The Retailer's Roadmap to success' which you can get from Amazon.