It has been just over six months since we launched Startup Kitchen, we would like to first thank everyone of you for the continued support and the help you have provided us and to the startup community in New Brunswick. One of the many successes we have had so far is the "Kitchen Party". We managed to bring mentors, entrepreneurs and evangelists into the same room to pitch, chat and of course have a great time. We have recently been working with "Startup Canada" and "Picaroons" on a new event, "Maritime Kitchen Party" for May.29th. This will be the wrap up party for Startup Canada in New Brunswick. To celebrate the end of the Startup Canada tour in New Brunswick, Picaroons will be having a special beer for the night, along with DJ Mizz Maxine mixing the turn table and the Cedar Tree serving up some delicious food.. This will be concentrated around celebrating the successes and hard work done by the grass roots movement by many supporters for the Startup Canada campaign.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to register for this event.This event will fill up and space is limited. So, register now. The first event was filled within one week.

This will be a high note for the Startup Canada roller coaster ride as it finishes up with New Brunswick and continues to a new location. 

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