Eureka! The perfect idea hits you. You bask in your brilliance until the inevitable reality hits. The “how”
part of the equation has thwarted entrepreneurs from taking that eureka moment and creating something innovative for years. What if that could change? What if the simple act of matching the right idea person with the right experience person could take that idea from fleeting genius to a full-fledged business plan?


You are informally invited to a Startup Kitchen Party.


Startup Kitchen is the creation of two startup enthusiasts. One grew up in Halifax, a kitchen party capital here in Maritimes. The other discovered the joy of the kitchen party after moving from Qatar to attend the University of New Brunswick. These two are firm believers that ideas start small- standing up in the kitchen testifying about the next great thing, until that same idea that started as an offshoot conversation around a kitchen island turns into something not only plausible, but achievable.


What began as bi-weekly video interviews and audio podcasts with successful tech startup personalities
throughout the province is quickly becoming an avenue for young entrepreneurs to have one-on-one face time with the people who have proven themselves as New Brunswick’s tech best.


The first Startup Kitchen event will take place Thursday, March 15 beginning at 4:30pm at Corked
Wine Bar on York St. The event is about bringing together smart, entrepreneurial people in an informal
setting where ideas can be created, shaped and executed. So come, pitch that idea for the next great tech firm, network with some of the province’s biggest and brightest, and grab some fantastic food from
Fredericton’s premiere food truck, 40Fresh.



Experience a true kitchen party, Startup Kitchen style. We would also like to thank PropelICT for sponsoring us!


Check us out: @startupkitchens or look up for more video interviews and podcasts
If you want more information about Startup Kitchens, or interviews with its creators:


MEDIA CONTACT: Brit Mockler, Communications,, 471-1049