It was a great evening filled with great talks, interesting pitches and delicious food. We had more than 50 people show up to the event. The food that Jamie served up was creative and very tasty. I can't wait to see the Fresh Mobile Bistro cruising the streets of Freddy. We would like to thank PropelICT for stepping in and sponsoring us. Without them this event would have been very hard to pull off.

Dave Gallant stepped in for Trevor MacAusland of PropelICT who had to leave due to a death in the family. Our condolences to Trevor and his family. Dave spoke about the launch36 program and the Ash Maurya bootcamp among other things. Jeff Thompson talked about the successful exit he had with this company, Conseros. Kumar T. of Smart Skin talked about working with UNB and activator programs. Yan Simard of Zaptap talked about what his business does and he had some great advice to other potential entrepreneurs. Trevor Bernard of UserEvents talked about their company which is one of the newer startups in Fredericton.

Despite our microphone not working, the open mic portion went incredibly well and it had a lot to do with our open mic MC, Brit Mockler (@bamcklr), she did an incredible job.

The pitches were as follows - 

Dylan Mitchell volunteered to break the ice and talked about a platform he is working on called Haddit which would help people with learning disabilities. 

Michael Waugh talked about Introhive, a new startup in town that is quite interesting, they just released an iOS app that you can check out now. 

Frank talked about a venture he is working on called Tabture that makes browser tabs a social affair, you can sign up for the early beta here -

Nick Di Feo of Fenix Media Inc. talked about his business of advertising in video games. 

Heather Anne Ritchie, a startup tech publicist talked about what she does and why she does it. Here is her website -

Rick McCaskill showed off a 3D printer (an Ultimaker) and what it is capable of. I think that there is a lot of opportunity in this space for people to think about. If interested, check out the RepRap project. 

Shannon talked about her company, CloudLinx which provides a solution for people to be able to access their tax software in the cloud.

Jon talked about creating a community hacker space which I hope he can pull off as Fredericton needs one. Rick McCaskill generously offered some space for this to start. 

Anna from Massage2go talked about the services they offer. She offered free massages to all our guests which almost everyone took advantage of. 

Irinea and Jeff Thompson talked about Startup Canada. Irinea talked about a flash mob that is occuring soon at an undisclosed location to help promote Startup Canada. If interested, you can contact Irenia at @technostarter. Startup Canada is planning a lot more events to support entrepreneurs.

Darren Piercy talked about CyberPsyc, a software system that will help people overcome phobias such as going to the dentist and public speaking. 

We would also like to thank Greg Munn who designed our posters for the event, he does excellent work, this is his website -

Finally, we would like to thank Corked for letting us host our event there. It was the perfect location for this event.

If I missed anything or have anything incorrect here, let me know and I will correct it. 

Thank you everyone for coming to the event, we will have another one very soon. 

Some pictures from the event -

More pictures coming soon.