This one is our most creative interviews yet. But, that has a lot more to do with who we interviewed than our skills. Rob just picked up the phone and called Gene from Loogaroo up and explained what we do and he offered to do it himself. This was an incredible offer and we thank Gene again for this. We had no idea what he would be doing but we trusted him. He delivered something way better than we could even imagine! This is the type of talent that exists in the small towns of New Brunswick.

Gene talks about his experience with FatKat, an animation studio that was growing at an incredible pace in Miramichi. They worked on big time shows such as Calillou, Happy Tree Friends, Family Guy, Odd Job Jack and so on. Unfortunately, FatKat ran into some hard times and had to shut down due to various reasons. Gene talks about this and this is some great info for entrepreneurs.

He is now back and stronger than ever with Loogaroo. An animation studio similar to FatKat but with a different business model. He talks about using all that he has learnt from FatKat at Loogaroo. 

I hope we can get the puppet to do all our interviews from now on! :-)