This week we have Jeff Thompson of Conseros Software Inc. Jeff started Conseros when he noticed an opportunity in the market where people in back offices that process your loans, insurance etc were not monitored or tracked. He took the same approach that contact centres use to track their employees and used a similar model to be used with back office employees. Conseros had a successful exit in January 2009. Conseros was acquired by Genesys. 

In this interview, Jeff talks about bootstrapping his business by doing consulting work among other things. He talks about essentially working two jobs and hustling to make this work. He also talks about going through NRC for the IRAP program and ACOA for other things he required for making Conseros a success. 

Conseros had multiple offices in Europe and Canada right from day 1. There is a particularly humorous story about how he had to explain to a bank in Europe by drawing a diagram illustrating where the money was going to come from. He also talks about how he worked two full time jobs and some of the ways he hustled to make this work. Some great advice and information in this interview!

Jeff has been a great supporter of Startup Kitchen and will be at the Kitchen Party on March 15th. His twitter handle is @thomjeff and he is also a launch36 mentor. Jeff has been a huge supporter of ours and we would like to officially thank him for that. 

The key message from Jeff is - HUSTLE!