Most of you would have heard of the NBIF by now. If not, check it out now at! It is an organization that helps, encourages and funds innovative businesses. This week we interview the CEO of NBIF, Calvin Milbury. Calvin tells us what the NBIF is all about and about the multiple initiatives that the NBIF has. 

If you are even just thinking of approaching the NBIF for funding, drop everything and watch this interview now! Calvin has some great info on how to successfully receive funding and how the process works. 

This year, the NBIF has a new competition called the R3 Innovation challenge, which allows small to medium size businesses an opportunity to bring their innovative ideas to fruition. Also, the NBIF will be hosting the R3 Gala this year and will have the co-author of "The Innovator's DNA - Mastering the five skills of disruptive innovators", Hal Gregersen as a guest speaker. You can buy your ticket at