Hello Everyone, 
As some of you might be aware, Suhaim and I will be hosting our first event on March 15th at Corked called the "Kitchen Party". What we hope to accomplish with this is a chance for people who are currently starting a business, exiting a business or just someone looking for information to have a chance in an open forum to talk about ideas and share stories. This will hopefully be accomplished by having an open mic format where individuals can get up and spend about two minutes talking about anything and then following it up so anyone in the room can feel comfortable approaching them to ask questions. 
The dream is to create a room of diverse people and share knowledge among the community in the spirt of giving back. For example, a young university student could come talk about an idea which he wishes to pursue, but he/she does not know what the next step might be. Someone in the audience in this case could return advice on venture capital, building a business plan, development or just chat about the roller coaster ride of a startup.
I have included the link below where you can register for the event. We will be publishing posters along with social media. I hope you can all attend and please make sure to invite anyone that might be interested.
Robert & Suhaim