We recently heard the unfortunate news about the layoffs at Radian6. Radian6 employs some excellent talent in the region which lead to it's nearly 350 million dollar exit to Salesforce in 2011. Obviously, this brought a lot of attention to the region and started a new entrepreneurial fire that we hadn't seen for quite a while. As you can see from the Startup Kitchen episodes, numerous companies have started in Atlantic Canada since then. Is there a direct correlation? We are not sure, but it definitely helped. 

We felt it is important to showcase some of the opportunities that we have right here, right now

Launch36, a cohort based accelerator program has just finished accepting applications for it's fall cohort, but that does not mean you cannot prepare and refine your business and be ready for the next cohort. Many new companies have formed, got financing etc from the cohort that just graduated from the program.

NBIF Breakthru competition is now accepting applications. Many successful companies have been formed this way. If you have an idea and want to pitch it to see if it is a good idea or even just get some early feedback, this is the place to do it. 

If you are a student, UNB has numerous entrepreneurial programs and competitions, one of them is the Pond- Deshpande Pitch competition. A great way to get some feedback on your idea without much risk. 

Other Universities in the region have similar competitions and programs, if you know of more, please add it to the comments section and we will add it to the list. 

If you feel like you are not ready to start your own venture, but want to join a startup, there are numerous startups in the region looking for skilled people. We have listed them on our jobs section. 

If you know of some other startups in the area which are hiring, please let us know and we will make sure to publish it on the site. If you are not a startup and would like to advertise on the jobs section, we will for a nominal fee under a sponsored jobs section.

Good Luck!