We have an amazing new episode of Startup Kitchen tonight. This is a bonus episode that we decided to post outside of our normal schedule because we got an amazing interview. The timing cannot be better as Dan Martell (@danmartell), who is often called a serial entrepreneur is launching his latest venture Clarity.fm this Thursday, January 5th. Dan is a "die hard New Brunswicker" and a proud Canadian. Saying that this is a "must watch interview" is an understatement.

He recently sold his company called Flowtown to Demandforce. Some of you may be using the products that came out of flowtown such as timely.is. We recently started using timely for managing our tweets and have gotten better reaction from it. It is a simple and effective tool. 

Once he finished his contractual obligations with Demandforce he resigned and started Clarity.fm. Clarity.fm can be described as a way for new entrepreneurs to connect with successful entrepreneurs in various fields. There is a fee involved in the service that is set by the successful entrepreneur. He or she can give the money to the charity of their choice. For example, you can get advice directly from Dan via clarity through this link - www.clarity.fm/danmartell

We really appreciate the fact that he took the time to do this interview with us during this busy time. Also, if you can make it to Moncton,  the Clarity.fm launch on Thursday is one that you cannot miss. There are some great speakers lined up. Here is a link to the event - http://clarityforcharity.eventbrite.com