This week we bring you something a little different. We are covering Jamie Lynch of the Fresh Mobile Bistro. Fresh Mobile Bistro is a gourmet food truck based out of Fredericton. We are thrilled to cover something quite different from what we have covered to date. I was talking to Will Kriski (@willkriski) last week and one thing he said that struck a chord with me was that new ideas often come from looking outside of your area of interest or one that you are working in. (Note - I am paraphrasing based on memory). This is something both Rob and I have learnt and have now decided to cover new businesses and startups outside of tech.

With me being a bit of a foodie, interviewing Jamie was something I really enjoyed. Jamie is quite unassuming but his love for food is evident. In this interview you will see him talk about his background and why he chose to come back to New Brunswick, his home town and start a gourmet food truck. Gourmet food trucks are a hot trend in North America at the moment with various television shows highlighting them. Jamie talks about how he got his funding through CYBF and the BDC. For anyone looking to start a small business, this interview is very informative. 

Fresh Mobile Bistro will  serve food that is made with locally sourced ingredients as much as possible. Off camera, Jamie mentioned that one of the other reasons he decided to start a gourmet truck in Fredericton was because of the easy accessibility of fresh produce from the Fredericton Farmer's market. Fresh Mobile Bistro is tentatively scheduled to open in late March. I cannot wait to see what Jamie is going to serve up. He is also running a catering business at the moment and can be contacted via twitter at @40fresh

Special thanks to Andrew Kelly from for letting us use his studio for this interview.