We recently interviewed Kumaran Thillainadarajah, founder and CEO of Smart Skin Technologies. We first heard of Smart Skin at NBIF 2009. Smart Skin won in the young Entrepreneur category. Kumaran describes Smart Skin "as a piece of rubber that acts as a pressure sensor". They use nanotechnology to accomplish this. He talks about how the idea came about when he took an introductory course in Nanotechnology with Dr Chibante at UNB. Dr. Chibante is a cofounder of SmartSkin along with Kumaran. The way his idea has evolved is very interesting as he talks about various business plan and entrepreneurship competitions that he entered and how he did in each of them. He also talks about how the applications of this technology has evolved over time from prosthetics to phones and so on. His argument for using his technology in smartphones is very compelling. He talks about many other applications of his technology, all of which we found very fascinating. He also talks in depth about how he financed his business. This is a fascinating interview, judge for yourself!



SmartSkin from Robert Foley on Vimeo.