This week we bring you Trevor Macausland, the Executive director of propelICT. From their website propelICT is a "... is a cohort-based accelerator program for technology entrepreneurs to increase their chances of long-term success by giving them access to funding, mentorship, knowledge, and support." You may have seen propelICT in the media recently in regards to the launch36 program which is a startup accelerator program aiming to launch 36 new startups over three years.

For anyone that is considering joining the launch36 program that propelICT is launching, watch this interview. I believe that this is an excellent program for potential tech entrepreneurs. 

In this interview Trevor explains how this non-profit organization functions and what the benefits of their programs are for entrepreneurs.  He mentions that Ash Maurya, author of Running Lean will be coming to help the top 10 teams to help improve their business plans. This by in itself is probably a good reason to join the launch36 program. 

Note - this was our first interview using Skype. Any feedback or suggestions are appreciated.