You may have noticed that Startup Kitchen has a new logo. Both Rob and I realized that we were not very good at design and decided that we should get some help. We briefly considered sites such as freelancer etc. but quickly dismissed it. We knew that we we could find someone locally to do this for us. We decided to visit the College of Craft and Design ( to see if we could convince someone to create a logo for us. Since we are not making any money with this site, we did not really want to spend a lot of money for the logo. We talked to someone in the Administration building who directed us to an instructor named Mike Coté to whom we explained what we were looking for. We were not sure if this would work as we told him that we could not really pay much. But, he was extremely helpful and put us in touch with an amazingly talented individual named Greg Munn. We met Greg a few times to explain our needs and what our site was about. He understood what we were doing and was willing to create a logo for us for a nominal amount. Our logo that Greg designed combines a power button and a banjo to showcase the fiery and creative nature of a startup. You can contact Greg via his site.