#startupeast Harvest Pre-Party

Hello Everyone, 

We have been a little quiet this year with holding parties, We are definitely not gone. It has been a super busy & successful year for Startup Kitchen and we like to invite everyone back to where it all started five years ago at Corked Wine Bar for a drink. We are happy to be a community Sponsor this year for Harvest and would love to have your company once again for a drink, discussions and good times before the shows. 

Looking forward to another great Harvest!


- Robert and Suhaim

Which company had your favourite demo day pitch?

Bitness Learn more about your in store customers, tailor promotions and increase your revenue.

Buy My Lemonade BuyMyLemonade.com is an online ecosystem platform that fosters entrepreneurship at young age through online fundraising activities. Note - there is a mistake, it is Guy Shaham in the video

Clean Simple We make managing cleaners.. Simple

Ella We are a woman-to-woman preloved fashion marketplace. Now available on iTunes.

Hey Orca! Mobile applications for performance improvement in the packaging sector.

Liv9 Liv9 supplies cloud-based patient engagement and management solutions to the retail pharmacy marketplace.

Music Ed Zone  Mobile applications for performance improvement in the packaging sector.

Ongozah Mobile applications for performance improvement in the packaging sector.

Pacta We add a layer of intelligence to your business contracts.

Siteflo  Mobile applications for performance improvement in the packaging sector.

Simptek Mobile applications for performance improvement in the packaging sector.

Vish  Smart technologies for the hair salon industry.

Digital New Brunswick with David Alston

David Alston - Digtial NB - #Startupeast from Startup Kitchen on Vimeo.

TechImpact and the government of New Brunswick made an announcement that will usher in a new era to make NB the first all digital society and government. Some of you have heard David talk passionately about Estonia's lead in Europe on this front and we as an industry plan to make it happen here - leading all North American jurisdictions. 




Missed Propel Demo Day? Watch it now

Propel Demo Day which was on Sept 22nd featured 12 exciting new companies from Atlantic Canada. You can see the entire event via this link on Aliant TV1 - http://comm1.tv/wr5pbka  

Note - we apologize for the typos and are actively looking to resolve this. 

Who watched the Propel Demo Day live stream on TV1?

We were fortunate enough to be able to get Propel Demo Day live streamed on Bell Aliant TV1. The quality of the stream was exceptional with some of the participants even watching the streams back stage on their mobile devices. 

For the live stream, we had a total of 1500 viewers, with the majority of the viewers from Canada, the highest viewership was from Nova Scotia, followed closely by New Brunswick. We also had viewers from Newfoundland, Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island and British Columbia. 

For Non-Canadian viewership, we had viewers from the US, Malaysia, Japan, France, U.K, Austria and India. We truly had a global audience for this event with an audience size that far exceeds many of the venues that Propel Demo days have been hosted at. 

Further to this, there were many viewing parties for the Bell Aliant TV1 stream across Atlantic Canada. Here are some tweets with pictures from the viewing parties. 




With the extended coverage, we hope that the startups presenting got the coverage they deserve to make their respective business a success.

Note - the videos from the event will be available on TV1 in the coming weeks.  

Kitchen Party at BrewBakers - Aug.6th - 7:00PM

Hello Everyone, 

It's about that time again for another kitchen party. We decided to host the event downtown at the brand new patio at Brewbakers. Things will get started around 7:00PM and we will see where the night takes us. This is a bit more of a special Kitchen Party since Foley will be getting married that following weekend. So come on out to see some familiar faces and have a drink...or 2.


Robert & Suhaim


Link for Registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/kitchen-party-tickets-17935382211


Shoutout to Trevor MacAusland

When we first started making videos with Startup Kitchen, we had no idea whether it was something that would stick, looks like we are still covering startups in Atlantic Canada. We definitely would not have been able to do this without the support of Trevor MacAusland of PropelICT. Right at the beginning, he guided us and made sure that we had access to the startups in the Propel cohorts, he always made himself available to us. For example, he invited us to join the Propel cohort for various workshops such as Ash Maurya's lean startup workshop that Propel organized.  Here are some of the interviews we did with him over the years.  

Trevor MacAusland Executive Director at propel ICT from Startup Kitchen on Vimeo.


Here is the latest interview we did with him this April

Interview with Trevor MacAusland from Trevor MacAusland on Vimeo.


He has not only helped us but numerous startups across the region. Trevor's passion for helping all startups had directly helped us get more content for our show. Again, thanks for your help, Trevor! We wish you the best of luck at 3Plus

Do you want to create or be part of a new startup?

Over the last few years, numerous startups have been created. Many of them have come from Startup Weekend. Here are the interviews we have done with some of them 

We talk to the first and second place winners of Startup Weekend NB 2013, HotSpot Parking and A.L.I.E 

We talk to the second place winners of Startup Weekend NB 2014 in Fredericton, Echoes of Ink

We talk to the second place winners of Startup Weekend NB 2014 in Fredericton, Pilotalk

Check out our interview with the first place winners of Startup Weekend NB in Saint John, Night Puck here 

Here is your chance! Register for Startup Weekend in Fredericton which is on April 24th weekend. 

Interview with one of the co-founders of Pilōtalk


When you’re tired but restless, there’s nothing like a story to help you relax and unwind—regardless of your age. And while audiobooks capture the content of a book, they don’t consider the real essence of what it’s like to be told a story by another person. That comfort and human connection is what Pilōtalk is all about.

To learn more about them, check out www.pilotalk.com 

Click here to view the full episode.

Propel Demo Day Preview

 Check out the final episode of the Propel series, this episode covers Demo Day, check it out here.



Propel Episode 2 Preview


In this episode, we get to see and meet the teams that made it into the Propel Program.  Check out the full episode here. 

Propel 2.0 cohort episode 1

As many of you have read, we have the privilege of covering the latest Propel cohort. We chose four companies to follow through the program.

The first episode is available here and we cover the Propel selection camp. 

The companies we follow are Bungalo, Simptek, Swapskis and Bitness. In the next few days we will be releasing videos with each of these companies leading up to Demo Day on November 13th. If you haven't registered yet, you still have time.