Digital New Brunswick with David Alston

David Alston - Digtial NB - #Startupeast from Startup Kitchen on Vimeo.

TechImpact and the government of New Brunswick made an announcement that will usher in a new era to make NB the first all digital society and government. Some of you have heard David talk passionately about Estonia's lead in Europe on this front and we as an industry plan to make it happen here - leading all North American jurisdictions. 





Missed Propel Demo Day? Watch it now

Propel Demo Day which was on Sept 22nd featured 12 exciting new companies from Atlantic Canada. You can see the entire event via this link on Aliant TV1 - http://comm1.tv/wr5pbka  

Note - we apologize for the typos and are actively looking to resolve this. 


Who watched the Propel Demo Day live stream on TV1?


We were fortunate enough to be able to get Propel Demo Day live streamed on Bell Aliant TV1. The quality of the stream was exceptional with some of the participants even watching the streams back stage on their mobile devices. 

For the live stream, we had a total of 1500 viewers, with the majority of the viewers from Canada, the highest viewership was from Nova Scotia, followed closely by New Brunswick. We also had viewers from Newfoundland, Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island and British Columbia. 

For Non-Canadian viewership, we had viewers from the US, Malaysia, Japan, France, U.K, Austria and India. We truly had a global audience for this event with an audience size that far exceeds many of the venues that Propel Demo days have been hosted at. 

Further to this, there were many viewing parties for the Bell Aliant TV1 stream across Atlantic Canada. Here are some tweets with pictures from the viewing parties. 


With the extended coverage, we hope that the startups presenting got the coverage they deserve to make their respective business a success.

Note - the videos from the event will be available on TV1 in the coming weeks.